1299 1999

The KN95 disposable anti-particulate respirator is suitable for daily use to mitigate the effects of PM2.5, dust, pollen, bacterial droplets and microorganisms.  The masks should be used in accordance with their instructions for approximately 95% filter efficiency.  Prior to using the mask, put on the mask and gently press across the bridge of the nose towards the cheekbones to create a seal.  Test the seal by exhaling through your nose and feeling for any air escaping the outside edges of the mask.

The KN95 should not be used as a medical device, as a replacement for gas masks or medical devices, or in toxic environments.

  • Sold in Qty of 10 or 50
  • KN95 Masks are Disposable
  • Store in a Clean Environment


KN95 Respirator Mask GB2626 Standard
1299 1999